The Courier A9 article

As the DFT consultation on the speed limit increase continues, the debate and pressure on the UK government from Scotland in particular has been consistently covered in local and national media. The article linked above discusses the situation on the A9 from Perth to Inverness, which has a particularly high accident rate.

As discussed in the ’50mph?’ blog in December the evidence from the DFT procured research was, in reality non-committal on the potential road safety risks. Opinion seems to be split between the Road Haulage industry that believes a rise would remove congestion on these roads and reduce reckless overtaking; and others who believe that HGVs (with some backing from the DFT report) travel at above the speed limit anyway, or that higher permitted speeds will lead to more accidents. Unusually, in a microcosm, almost all of the arguments are covered in the responses to the article. Quite how the government justifies either a change or no change on this subject remains to be seen.

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